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Love how Gunnery is viable again. I normally don't spec gunnery since it was total crap before 2.0 but even I got on it to give it a whirl and found it very fun to DPS with (I don't normally DPS either ).

As fun as that was though I love support classes, specifically healing. So I was drawn to the heavy armored healing meatbag, the Combat Medic. I love the CM, I feel as though it has the highest single target HPS (Healing/Second) than the other two healers.

I also love how the talent Kolto Pods, bigger heals and I put up higher numbers on the WZ boards. Hold the Line has also allowed me to get out of sticky situations where I'm contiuously rooted and ganged on WHICH IS AWESOME. Survivability is way up. It is also not a bad way to transverse the battlefield thanks to the low CD.

All this is good. I feel as though a team should be recognized when they do something good. However, I feel a little bitter too at the same time in a couple of areas. You gave Kolto Bomb to all the specs, kind of questionable as to why. It takes away from my thunder a bit but I can't really complain. I just wish that CMs were compensated a little more. The trooper class itself has been revamped as a whole but the CM is still lacking compared to other healers simply in terms of healing output and survival (you didn't do us any favors with the new Adrenaline Rush).

Healing Output: Not sure what it is but maybe we just aren't meant to make it to the top of the WZ boards. We do our job just fine, our healing seems more single target oriented so obviously to compensate our AoE healing isn't the greatest; which I would suspect would result in lower numbers overall. Maybe this is intentional? Not sure, still at no point will a Combat Medic every be preferred over another healer in a RWZ.

(EDIT): Survival: Thanks to Hold the Line (HTL) we now can disengage from fights we can't win and retreat behind friendlies, great. However, that was always needed before and if it had been implemented earlier we would have been on par with the other healers in terms of survival. Now though were in 2.0 and everyone has gotten a buff in survival utility; especially Sages with their invincibility skill, periodic heals while shielding, ect. So, I think it would be just if we got a couple talents also that increased our survival rate just as you've buffed the other healers.

Talents: Kolto Pods = awesome. Love it. Not so awesome = Probe Medic (PM) /Frontline Medic (FM). Why the hell did you guys make FM the precursor talent to PM?! It makes no sense! Finally, when a talent comes into play that makes Trama Probe (TP) desirable, even with its high cost, low healing power, you guys shaft us by making us talent FM; a worthless skill. Give me one scenario where FM is useful. I can't think of one. My advice? Just switch FM and PM PLEASE. (EDIT): Let the Combat Medics be COMBAT Medics and the Medics just be MEDICS. I don't want to DPS EVER in a match unless my team is finishing stragglers and by then I don't need to heal myself with FM

Adrenaline Rush: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... This skill, reworked is supposed to do something now? It's worse than before! The Commando is not a duelist class by any means, we are too vulnerable to interrupts to be effective 1v1. That being said in a group setting, where usually DPS focus a single target at a time, my CM is going to be targeted first and foremost (green beam! KILL HIM). Won't be long till they get me down to 30%, and when Adrenaline Rush finally procs, its not enough. I'll be bombarded by finisher skills, dead. At least I can use this useless skill every 3 minutes though. That's useful, /sarcasm. Make this something to be desired. It sucks, so badly.

I'm trying desperately to have hope in this game. Throw me a bone. Show me your competence.
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