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04.19.2013 , 08:04 AM | #1
Is there a specific path that needs to be taken through Stage 1 to unlock the Stage 2 Heroic 4 Weapons Test? Dulfy's guide says it appears you can only get it after doing the Staged Weekly once, however we did the weekly last week and did not have it as an option this week. It seems like we may have to do certain Stage 1 quests in a certain order to unlock it.

Between last week and this week, we did every other available Stage 1 and Stage 2 quest on our main characters, including the bonuses that went along with them. There are still 3 parts of the Well Connected achievement (besides unlocking Weapons Test) that are still listed as incomplete:
- Diverted Mercenaries to the Fingers away from the Cartel Mining Mesa, which quest activates this one? I'm guessing that it's a Stage 1 quest that makes Stage 2 Dissonance Wave easier/shorter?

-Planted False Data in the Talarm Hall of Records, I'm guessing this would be in the Stage 1 False History, but didn't find any extra clickies in that quest, does it require another quest to set it up?

-Unlocked Bonus Objective "Tracing Guilt" in the Smuggler's Den mission. Do we need to do certain other Stage 1 quests/bonus objectives in that week to be able to get his bonus mission?

Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!