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Remove the shackles from HM Cademimu. It the makes FP practically unbeatable. I mean what are you supposed all 4 people get shackles? Or everyone is given shackles and then knocked into the fire.
1. I think this fight is designed for only 3 ppl to be shackled at a time, I've never seen 4.

2. It's not hard to see who's shackled if you're paying attention, if you get knocked into a fire use CC breaker, it's the
only time you should use it any other time your group should be doing it

3. people are saying spread out but i usually stack my groups next to me with our backs to a wall, if you're stacked and i get more than one person shackled i just sprint to them (assassin tank) and break their shackles including my own if i have them since my talent breaks any movement impairing effect when i sprint

4. People need to stop whining about how "hard" the new FP's are. You should instead ask what others are doing and figure out what you're doing wrong. if any fight is "hard" it might be the bonus boss in Hammer station and that's only cause the healer/tanks need to pay attention to what they are doing since he can hit like a truck.