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I'd like to suggest that you make Jet Charge available as a trainable ability at X level. Why? Warriors/Knights have Force Charge, Consular/Inquisitors have Force Speed and now Operatives/Scoundrels have a roll yet we are a melee ranged class with no way of entering combat fast. This is a constant annoyance when ranged classes etc start combat and for the first few seconds your just shuffling along up to a Boss. This would enable us to leap into the action and not be penalized for being a Melee class. Keep the skills tied to Jet Charge in the Tank tree but replace Jet Charge with a new ability rather than an insulting 1 point skill. "Blazing Tempest (Or something less cheesy) - Ignites a field of oil damaging and lowering the armor of all effected targets by XX% for XXseconds. Generates a high amount of threat. Oil Slick must be active to use this skill.
This so much!

Snipers kill PT's in an crazy range without any chance to reach them ( you can't pull Snipers with Grapple... ) - you can't do ANYTHING about that. Same thing with running Sorcs if Grapple has CD - you can be slowed all the time...

We need Jet Charge as an ability at level ~ 15-30.

And please make Flame Thrower usable while moving. It's a very nice ability, but it's still crap to stand still for 3 seconds, especially in PvP.