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My problem with the shackle boss is this:

When the smoke comes down and its our que to run to a safe corner we all start to run in that direction, and at that exact moment the boss decides to put shackles on me as my other 3 teammates are running to safety.

So there I am shackled and my evasion ability doesn't work to remove the root. I haven't tried the new covered escape. Anyways... my teammate come back to me to remove the shackle and we are both caught in the fire and die or he doesn't reach me intime and I die and he lives.

It's that part of the timing for shackles that I dispute. The boss shouldn't decide to shackle me as we are running to safe corner.This cuases wipes to occur.

This happened to me 4 times in a row on one run in cadimimuu, but didn't happen the other 3 times I ran this place to me or anybody else. Perhaps it was bad luck but might be worth looking into by the devs.
Don't wait for the smoke!

The boss gives ample warning with his "keep firing" shout. Immediately start moving to the center of the room. Once there it is easy to see which "quadrant" has no smoke and move towards it. If the boss does knockback you then, he will normally be "pushing you into" the safe zone.

As mentioned in a previous post, this fight isn't about killing the boss (that happens naturally). It is about staying alive (breaking shackles, moving out of the fire, positioning so you aren't knocked into a fire zone). Make that your number 1 priority and the fight becomes simple.
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