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Lol, are you really that ignorant? The same could be said about PVP. If you want to do PVP, then you should have better gear, PVP Gear! Nuff Said?

We ain't stopping till we get our PVE bolster.

You've made your bed, now lie in it.
Not sure what line you refer at. Lets see what kind of gear you really need to beat the enragetimers in PvE and what you need in PvP to compete.

casual PvE (all opses exept SaV + TfB HM):
Pre 2.0
PvE-gear 50/50 columi/rakata
PvP-gear Battlemaster or Warhero
Post 2.0
SaV and TfB needs a bit more dps now
PvE-gear = mixture of 61/63 gear
PvP-gear = (Elite) Warhero got mutated into 61/63 PvE-stats

progression PvE (SaV + TfB HM):
Pre 2.0 EC + TfB HM
PvE-gear = about 61
PvP-gear = Tricky one, only if the PvP'er in (elite) warhero can make the transition to a PvE-rotation he/she may be able to perform and meet the reqs

Post 2.0 SaV + TfB HM
PvE-gear = about 63 gear (loads of guilds have done SaV HM in dreadguardgear so its possible)
PvP-gear = dont know yet how partisan and conqueror performs in PvE

Casual PvP (only normal warzones
PvE-gear = any will do cause you get boosted to about recruit-like level once they fix the bug
PvP-gear = any will do

Progress/hardcore PvP (ranked warzones
PvE-gear = big no no. No sane team will take you in
PvP-gear = not sure what you need but I guess you need about 50/50 partisan/conqueror minimum