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04.19.2013 , 01:30 AM | #29
happy powertech tank reporting in!

As a full tank for both pve/pvp im satisfied with the changes to powertechs - we got more utility, our defensive CD's improved alot, better threat generation, better survivability than before, the changes to shield mechanics benefited us more than other tanks as we rely on shields the most.

Ask your healers who they prefer to tank - a stable powertech or spiky assasin? I always get the same answer. All tanks are viable now, and its more of a matter of personal preference than actual differences in capabilites.

Pvp? I've got like 4 partisan pieces so far, rest is my 61/63 pve tank gear, and i can keep the huttball for infinity if i get a heal like once per 5-10 seconds, even with 5+ players on my back just by using my CD's one after another + shoulder cannon heals (btw shoulder cannon ROCKS in shieldtech and AP trees - thats definitely the change i love most about my PT - it looks awesome and works even better - couldnt ask for more )

my knowledge of the dps trees isnt half as good, i tried AP and had some fun in both pve/pvp, didnt feel underpowered, but i'll leave the topic to dpsers.

i'll repeat - Shieldtech is in great place now and im really happy about the changes.
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