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Bolstering is there to close the geargap as much as possible. PvP isnt the same as PvE.
In PvP you get your *** whooped if you are in recruit gear regardless of skill (meaning every attack received deals a lot of damage and you have low HP). In order to participate in PvP you need bolstering.
PvE is a whole other story. In PvE you could always clear TfB and EC SM in warhero gear. Yes, there may be jerks around whining about you in PvP-gear, but fact remains that alltough your dps is lower then the PvE-geared people its sufficient to beat enragetimers without being carried.
If you wanted to do the HM versions then you should have better gear. But hey I'll let you into a little secret. If a PvE'er goes into a ranked wz, what would happen do you think? Nuff said ;-)
Lol, are you really that ignorant? The same could be said about PVP. If you want to do PVP, then you should have better gear, PVP Gear! Nuff Said?

We ain't stopping till we get our PVE bolster.

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