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PVE bolster was proposed in the pvp section of the forum. It is a good idea, isn't it?! just imagine: "green"/naked players automatically boosted to top pve gear within any FP HM/OPS! Discuss!
Bolstering is there to close the geargap as much as possible. PvP isnt the same as PvE.
In PvP you get your *** whooped if you are in recruit gear regardless of skill (meaning every attack received deals a lot of damage and you have low HP). In order to participate in PvP you need bolstering.
PvE is a whole other story. In PvE you could always clear TfB and EC SM in warhero gear. Yes, there may be jerks around whining about you in PvP-gear, but fact remains that alltough your dps is lower then the PvE-geared people its sufficient to beat enragetimers without being carried.
If you wanted to do the HM versions then you should have better gear. But hey I'll let you into a little secret. If a PvE'er goes into a ranked wz, what would happen do you think? Nuff said ;-)

Have you seen Cunning gear with Shield or Defense attached to it? Yeah, I don't want BioWare deciding what my best gear is for NIM or HM OPS.
A bit colourfull but yes, I dont want bioware to decide my gear too. I want to puzzle myself. Alltough bioware never has done anything crazy with bolstering shield for smugglers in PvP. Guess we can safely assume that they wont do it for PvE too if they used PvE-bolster.

Seriously, I love how the complaining goes, especially in the pvp forums. Without bolster, there are endless posts whining about people not putting on their free recruit gear. Bolster is introduced to put everyone at the recruit gear level (unless they have better pvp gear) and all of a sudden people hate that everyone is (essentially) wearing recruit gear? Give me a break.
I guess that people arent so much whining about the idea of the bolster, only the execution. Bolstering is intended to bolster till recruit. Fact is that bioware has made some errors and that they bolster us too much right now.
Can all others say "no we don't need inexperienced pve'ers in top level WZ's" ?

Think before you type.
Yes, they can. I, as PvE'er never joined ranked cause I wasnt geared for it. There you go, I thought before I typed. much obliged.

Quote: Originally Posted by Scotland View Post
Excellent idea!

I want to have the best PVE stats without lifting a finger, make it happen EAWare.
Seems fair tbh.
Nope, not fair. If so then PvE needs a bolster good enough to participate in ranked. As of know bolster might be good enough but thats only because its bugged.

This simply isnt true. An exceptional player with free blue pvp gear was still better than a bad player in fully optimized ewh.
An exceptional player with rakata was still better then a bad player in fully optimized blackhole/campaigngear

Quote: Originally Posted by KeyboardNinja View Post
Exactly the problem. Why is PvP gear even considered a tangible reward if you can earn it simply by /sitting at the off-node?
You can also get the pve gear by letting other people with better gear drag you through content.Imo it's just not fair that pve-people basically get 2 sets of gear for free. I'd prefer getting slaughtered for few weeks before getting good gear.
Where can I get that free gear? Please point me the way. In all honesty, atm there is no free gear. Pre 2.0 we had free tionese, but free recruit was given way before that.
And indeed, both in PvE and PvP you can be carried.

Maybe you arent reading my posts. I am in a progression pve guild. I have top end pve gear. Bolster is making my gear better than someone in pvp gear. That is stupid. As someone who is getting an advantage, I am big enough to say, its unfair that I have an advantage in pvp that I did not earn in pvp. PvP gear (in pvp) should be > PvE gear. It is really simple.
Bioware intend bolster that way. Its bugged atm.

Its funny reading all the PVEers whining about this even though you guys can put 0 effort into PVP and still get the same stats if not better than what a guy who has PVPed his *** off for months
1. Both PvP and PvE gear got reset, so you need to forget the *** off for months. We all start at 0.
2. The intention of bolster is to give us some fighting chance against people who PvPed their *** off for months. That we are currently equal or better is just a bug that will be fixed. There is absoluty no reason for PvE bolster
Imagine if they had removed the stats from dreadguard, rakata pieces and said "At 55 everyone is even again." PVE players who spent time augmenting, spent time getting top end gear, would go berserk, and rightfully so.
Ehm?? They did ;-) The new cap of 55 means a gear reset for PvE too. At 55 everyone is even again. I spend months of getting the topend gear and now that same gear drops in level 50 opses and hardmode fp's. This means that you can be full 63 within 2-3 days max. Imo, this is equel to a gearreset for me.
And guess what? I didnt see any PvE'er whine about it.