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Gunnery Commando:

Now more Alacrity is strictly a good thing.
Couldnt be further from the truth. Cell Charger is unaffected by your Alacrity raiting. The more alacrity you get, the worse your ammo management becomes.
You still cant use alacrity on your gear as a Gunnery Commando.

You will notice that your abilities have new, higher costs, but do not despair they are proportionately the same as before!
Nope they arent. Unless your tooltips are ****ed up of course. Anyway, why cant we have a numeric display of our ressources like the Bounty Hunters have since launch?

Adrenaline Rush has been redesigned.
Yes, thank you very much. not. I want it back the way it was bevore 2.0. I'm a PVE player, i dont need a damage reduction buff when my health falls below 30%. Thats just too late in most cases.

Mortar Salvo: This is a new passive ability gained at level 10 upon becoming a Commando.
Yep, means its even more useless now than Explosive Round was. Seriously, to this day i fail to understand what the point of changing explosive round was. Just keep ER and buff its damage a little, problem solved.

Electro Net (New ability): Electro Net is a powerful new ability
on 90sec cooldown. But who cares, its fluff for PVE players anyway.

Overclock: This skill now reduces the cooldown of Tech Override and Concussive Round. In addition, Tech Override now makes your next two abilities activate instantly.
Yes, stop hurting PVE players to benefit the PVP crowd. I wont my old override back, i dont need to instant casts in a lenghtly boss fight with our new and improved ressource management system.
Anyways, is the Bounty Hunters Power Overrides still bugged like it was on the PTS?

No mention of the change to our second Elimnator Set Bonus? You do realize that you made our lifes a lot tougher with that little goddie?