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The summery of my ticket was that I reverse engineered a bunch of the level 28 mods and enhancements (i.e. agile mod 28 / Reflex Armoring 28) that you get while using your seeker droid. 5 times while doing this, four times around 6:30pm eastern (Cybertech 430) and once 11:30pm eastern (Cybertech 437). I received the Error "Insufficent Skill level" After the Mod was Reverse engineered. Mods that Triggered this now tell me that I cannot learn the Schematic of the mod when it said 20% chance before and I do not know the schematic.

This was the response.

I made a follow up ticket 8697374 referencing the ticket number, character and profession hoping that it doesn't trigger another response from a poorly programmed protocol droid.
While I can see the typo with "also", I'll remind you that "centre" is the British spelling for "center". It's NOT a spelling mistake nor a typo.

A lot of words are spelled differently in British English than their American English counterparts.

As to the point of the OP, though, yeah, I do think that the issue needs a closer look. Could have been a tired rep, or whatnot, but the point remains that it needs to be looked at again. Hence, the provision of a follow-up system.
It's "elder game", guys. The day this game gets an actual "endgame" is when BW pulls the plug on the servers. MMORPGs don't have an "end".