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this part made me LOL:

Mortar Salvo: This is a new passive ability gained at level 10 upon becoming a Commando. When Commandos fire Explosive Round, two rounds are fired for a combined increase in damage. This increase in damage is not enough to make Explosive Round alter anyone’s rotation, but it will now serve as a much more effective on-the-run utility skill. Also, double knockdown against weak and standard enemies is neat.
1. Explosive Round is in nobodies rotation
2. its heat cost is too damn high
3. the damage "buff" is more like a side-grade at best

reduce the heat cost of Explosive round already FFS. does austin peckenpaugh not realize that it has a 25 ammo/heat cost? bring it down to 16 (same as Sticky Grenade) and then it might actually be an "effective on-the-run utility skill"
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