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04.18.2013 , 06:48 PM | #24
Assault spec vanguards have been completely gutted.

I know there wasn't any change to it, but Incendiary Round is as it has always been - garbage. High cost, low damage. In PVP people either die so fast that it's a waste of ammo, or get healed, which makes it inconsequential. It's not even worth using for the sake of HiB, since Plasma Cell is free whether we're at 10m or 30m. I'd like to see this completely redesigned. Maybe make it passively or actively augment HiB like a 30s CD that makes your next (2?) HiB do an additional X (moderate) amount of (instant, not DoT) fire damage.

You know what, the more I think about that, the more I like the idea. Anyway.

Plasma Cell nerf just hurt. The proc rate was already very reliable to begin with (almost always initiated a fight with Hammer Shot to snap a HiB off from 30m), and Ionized Ignition and High Friction Bolts makes any sort of proc rate increase totally imperceivable. We never had a problem procing it before, there was no trade off here, just a flat nerf.

AP now barely hits any harder single target than its AOE counterpart, its new DoT component ticks too slow and too low to be of any consequence.

The armor penetration nerf to HiB... Eh, I can see it by itself, but not with the rest.

The buff to Ion Pulse in "Assault Trooper" was nice, but with the Plasma Cell nerf, an Ion Pulse (with Ionized Ignition) still hits cumulatively (at 55) about what it did at 50 pre-2.0.

I don't know if you guys were trying to make us more reliant on DoTs or what, but right now trying to maintain dots will just run you out of ammo without accomplishing anything. Especially if you go on that fool's errand of trying to spread them around to multiple people.

Yes, we are still capable of doing large quantities (read: quantity) of damage on the boards, but with the HP increase and the healing super-buff, we're not actually killing anyone anymore, assuming relatively equal skill and gear.

We either need the nerfs reversed or a complete redesign to be worth bringing to rated matches. We currently have jack for defense, low mobility, no utility that another class can't do better, no burst and less than mediocre sustained damage.
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