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I made a post about this within a few hours of hitting 55 on my 63 geared Guardian tank. The biggest problem I've come across is trash difficulty in Mando Raiders RELATIVE to boss difficulty. I've yet to run Hammer Station thanks to bad RNG. I keep getting damn Mando Raiders like ~65% of the time.

Trash in Athiss is pretty faceroll for the most part, bosses are a bit tougher mostly because the new mechanics are tank focused AND the adds for Beast hit like little trucks.

Trash is Cade is mostly fine, only the doggies hit like trucks but none of the pulls are faceroll easy. Bosses are fun and mechanic based. I REALLY like what they've done here, they aren't hard if you do the right thing but they're impossible if you don't. Bosses are harder than trash and you may wipe a couple of times learning them. This is the tuning I think all the 55 HMs should have.

Trash in Mando raiders is brutal. The doggies rip you a new one if you aren't careful. Even now with 69 gear I find myself popping CDs on the 3+ Dog pulls, I reflect the brunt of the Turret pulls but they also hit ludicrously hard. The bosses by comparison are babies with the exception of Boarding Party who can be a PITA if you don't handle them right. I RAELLY like the Boarding Party fight for that reason, its how I'd tune all the other bosses (and inline with the Cade bosses: skill/mechanics > gear).

Important things to note here:
- DPS players won't notice the mob tuning as much as a tank or healer will.
- Good tanks and healers can absolutely make it look faceroll easy. As a tank you can really gauge the quality of the healers on this.

I believe this tuning issue is caused by an oversight when the Shield/Absorb curves were lowered, presumably for PvP reasons. At the same time, Champion mob damage was lowered to compensate but I suspect that Elite/Strong damage remained unchanged. The result being that Elites and Strongs are more deadly relative to Champions (and tanks) than they were. This is compounded by the nature of trash pulls which contain multiple of these enemies while Champions tend to be boss or Ops trash pulls.
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