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04.18.2013 , 03:32 PM | #18
Bioware hates troopers and mercs because they don't have shiny boomsticks. I primarily play Commando DPS in PvP and the burst and utility of a sniper is unparalleled.

-Flashbang: Instant AOE stun (Awesome for pretty much every wz and the commando one is a 2 second cast)
-Hunker Down (Uninterruptable and Unstunnable)(Hold the line is nowhere close to this)
-Scamper (can roll where ever they want) see this vid for more details

PLUS the sniper has every ability the Commando has
-AOE pushback
-one hard cc (dirty kick/cryo)
-Sniper Burst DMG is pretty much the same.

The Only Differentiation is
-Electro Net: a mediocre slow that prevents certain abilities for nine seconds. If this was an AOE it may be more viable, but it isn't.

Now knowing that the sniper brings the same burst DPS AND 3 additional abilities to the playing field, why in the world would you ever bring a commando DPS in rated PvP?
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