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04.18.2013 , 02:31 PM | #16
"Please keep in mind that we are always looking at class balance so let us know how you like the changes we have made. "

I guess that's why the constant complaint that you've gutted powertech/vanguard DPS has gone ignored, right?

Not to mention the travesty of AP. It was already below average, but now you've just knocked it down another few notches... When are we going to see AP/pyro brought back up to par? Yeah, it needed a nerf, but it didn't need to be dragged down an alley, mugged, and left for dead.

"For 2.0, we wanted to make sure Shield Tech’s active abilities were very attractive. Both Oil Slick and Heat Blast have been overhauled to be more universally awesome. We also wanted to boost up Shield Tech’s utility and group support by way of giving them some area denial and area slows."

That's all well and good for PVP, but at this point we're the least useful tank in PVE.

25% damage reduction? Juggs can go to 40%.
Heavy armor? Juggs have that too.
Pull? Sins have that.
AOE that lowers damage dealt? Sins have that.
Leap? Juggs have that.
Hydraulic Overrides? Sure, I guess that's neat...except for Juggs getting a speed boost when guarded targets are attacked. And except for Sins having Force Speed.

What do powertech/vanguard tanks have that's the equivalent of Force Shroud, Saber Reflect?

When you have 2 spots and one of each tank, what reason is there to pick the Powertech over the Assassin/Juggernaut? We can't leap to friendlies to lower the damage they take. We can't put a big glowy circle on the ground that increases healer output. We can't dump cooldowns to make ourselves nigh-invincible. So what's the attraction?