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This simply isnt true. An exceptional player with free blue pvp gear was still better than a bad player in fully optimized ewh.
I've done ranked warzones on various characters. I get at least 50% of my XP while leveling through PvP, and I used to queue at 50 with some very serious PvPers. I'm pretty confident in my skill and my knowledge of the PvP metagame. If I queue into a warzone in Recruit gear, I will be MAULED by a player in optimized EWH, even when that same player is getting face planted with ease by some of my max geared guildies. The gear disparity is absolutely a problem, both mathematically (the numbers are very clear here) and practically.

In any case, clearly gear is a significant issue, otherwise you wouldn't be complaining about bolster. All that bolster does (if it weren't buggy as sin) is level the playing field w.r.t. gear. Either you agree that the playing field should be level w.r.t. gear (which is what you're contending) and bolster is fine, or you really want there to be a significant gear disparity (which you deny ever existed). This seems like a fairly obvious contradiction.

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Lets not even discuss a game like Huttball where strategy/skill leads to 6-0 games because one side just wants to death match. No matter what stats you have, you wont win hutball unless you actually understand the game. Similar situation at hypergate where people death match at mid, not understanding the rules.
Oh, I absolutely used to love Huttball as an under-geared player queuing with coordinated guildmates, since it was really the only warzone where I felt like I made a real contribution. I couldn't do everything (e.g. the ball carrier role was completely out of the question, even as a kinetic shadow), but I could at least fill a slot and not feel like I was dragging down the team. I had to play pretty carefully though, because almost anyone on the field was able to mow me down without a second thought.

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Id say pvp is more newcomer friendly than pve. If you just que up randomly for a pug OPS as a fresh 50 not knowing the boss fights, how well do you think you would do?
Depends on your community. On my server, I used to do exactly this with a great deal of success. The more important point is that PvE doesn't stack the cards against you as a newcomer. There is a smooth, balanced path from "newbie" to "elite pro". In PvP, if I queue into a warzone, I might be facing people at my own gear level, or people who are radically beyond me. That's not a smooth path.

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At least in pvp you get a reward pretty much no matter how bad you were. No matter how many times you were killed, 1 shotted, etc, you get some sort of tangible reward towards getting the better gear.
Exactly the problem. Why is PvP gear even considered a tangible reward if you can earn it simply by /sitting at the off-node?
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