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Really wish our theory crafters were a bit more active to help prove or disprove a lot of the discontent going around with the powertech/vanguard DPS. But it definitely doesn't feel like we are as powerful coming from the pryo perspective. That first patch that went live on the pts, it felt like we were in a really good place. I even tested it out against two other equally geared and about equally skilled players/classes and we were not in a jump out in front but were evenly competing for number one on the meters. Then people found out how to exploit the hybrid spec to get an extra 500 DPs... and you came in with the Nerf bat trying to stop that but ended up hitting pryo and I think even AP a bit in the process.

Myself and I think everyone I saw posting did not mind the Nerf coming down against that unexpected hybrid... but the way it was nerfed affected pyro the most.

I love giving chaff flare and hydrolic overloads to everyone (the above poster has a point though, that you did take one of the unique things away from AP without giving them anything significant in return) and I love that our AOE is certainly more powerful and sustained as opposed to before... even if our dot isn't as strong as it was. But please reconsider how you have affected our class with thermal detonator and the CGC Nerf. And let's face it... TD is completely worthless for PVE and PVP... at least it was getting some use before.
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