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04.18.2013 , 12:35 PM | #23

I understand how pve works. Im simply stating that pve doesnt have to work that way. A boss could have X stats and all players could have Y stats. Instead of it being based on gear, it would be based on who did the most efficient rolls, who had the best timing, best coordination. You dont need gear checks, it could go back to the olden days of video games where it was just about skill.

That being said pvp is a team sport. If you are undergeared as a tank, it is the job of the healer to keep you alive. You may not win death matches 1 on 1 consistently if you are in weaker gear, but you absolutely can be a valuable asset to a team win.

I pve more than I pvp, but never once did I think that I simply couldnt compete because I did not have fully augmented optimized ewh. In fact I only had a complete wh set, not once did I ever think about anyone elses gear. My focus was on winning wzs. Which is more about skill/tactics. Cause wzs are a lot more than just gear fests.