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04.18.2013 , 11:13 AM | #19
Who was being locked out due to gear disparity?

I started in 50 wzs with my basic free blue gear. I generally would be top 2 in healing, but I was very easy to kill. You know what, that made me a better pvper. Because I soon started to get better gear, I wasnt as easy to kill, but I still had the damage mitigation skills that I learned when I didnt have the gear.

Gear wont make you in pvp, but getting good gear was something fun to do while pvping. Otherwise why not just make gear completely irrelevant?

Isnt it the same principle in pve? Why should gear help carry you, why wouldnt it be more fair that at 55 every sorc has the same stats, and then if you have the most skills you are the best, its not dependent on gear.

Oh wait...