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Quote: Originally Posted by Renata_Roselli View Post
If you are having problems with Hard Mode FPs then you don't need to be PvEing. You can 3 man all of them.
Video or it didn't happen

Now, I understand that some hardcore people in their hardcore gear can 3-man it. Hell, we 3-manned one of bossess at Athiss, due to DPS dying. But, we have to consider, that there are many people who are new to MMOs. They are still learning, and they may struggle with the content.

The solution however is not to nerf the content, but somehow help those less fortunate with gear, who are still on start of their learning curve, don't have money to buy crafted gear and don't have chars who can craft items for them. I can afford few wipes, if that would teach someone some things about playing this game.

Besides, I'd rather have a new player in the group, who is willing to learn, than "leet" DPS, who behaves like Ares himself, but dies at first trash pack and causes wipes.