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No nerf necessary.

Anyone who says that they should be able to take more damage in the new HM FP's despite being decently geared needs to post what they mean by that. Dread guard is less than entry level gear now. It used to be endgame, and it makes for mighty fine leveling gear, but it is very hard to tank in 63's and 61's. The entry level gear is now 66. This is the gear you buy with basic comms. By the time you do Makeb, you should have enough to buy some 66 gear. On top of that, formulas have changed and I'm sure your gear from pre-2.0 isn't itemized properly.

My Shadow is now in full 69s on the right side, 1 Arkanian relic, Black Market ear, 1 Black Market implant, and level 66 main hand/offhand. The only pre-2.0 gear I have now is a Dread Guard relic and a Black Hole implant. My flashpoint teams are now saying "Remember when this was hard?"

It boils down to learning the mechanics, when to throw cooldowns, how to work each pull, etc. Things are less forgiving now because of the issue of gear. Before 2.0, if you were in Dreadguard you could pretty much solo or two man all of the HM's so when you had someone like that in your group when you were in full Tionese, they were carrying you. Now, no one gets carried because there's no one who can carry (I haven't seen any 72 modded people yet).

If I had a dollar every time a player in full 63's that were min/maxed for pre-2.0 tries to face roll mobs and dies before they realize their mistake...

Also, go back to basics. Mark and make CC's. DPS needs to kill from weak to strong. Do all of this and its easy.

As a tank, I experimented with different ways to handle pulls and I've settled in on the most effective ways to do them. Thinking of some of the difficult pulls:

The 5 strong droids before the 1st boss in Athiss. If with a sage, bubble the tank. Mark droids on one side (depends on how many CC's you have, but generally I seem to have two). Tank pulls, when bubble pops, blow a cooldown. Party gets their CC off. Kill droids that aren't CC'd. Kill cc'd droids one by one.

The dogs that hop up before the first boss in Mandalorian Raiders. CC the dog that starts already spawned from a distance (or with stealth) and LOS the mob out to the entrance of the room. If you have a pull, pull one of the mobs to you and DPS that one does first. Kill mobs after they come out the front of the room then kill the CC'd mob.

The pull in Hammer when three strongs pop out of the side on the opposite side of the room (by the pipe). LOS pull the mobs that start spawned already. You should be able to kill them before the rest of the mob shows up.

Cademimu doesn't have any tough pulls because you can push pretty much everything off the edge. You just have to be careful not to pull multiple mobs. In all the flashpoints, make use of the barrels and stuff that you can make explode for some CC or big spike damage on mobs. These are there for a reason and it seems like not everyone makes use of them.

The bosses also have some mechanics that make them laughably easy. If you're focused on reading guides instead of actually playing, you're probably missing these since you're not experimenting (are you possibly tanking Malgus on the stairs instead of the corner? This might be you!)

Sith Separatist. Have ranged/healer stack tight behind the crate or the corner so there's something between them and the boss. When he pulls the group in, the crate catches them and they won't get pulled in. Tank keep the boss against the back wall since it seems to make running out easier for melee. Reduces the time the healer has to spend healing the group.

Frogimus Maximus. That's what we call the frog boss in Hammer. Ranged stays at max range like in T&Z and they won't get hit by the AOE stun or damage and thus require no healing in the fight. Healer and melee stack behind the boss and close enough to where AOE heal catches the tank also. Healer bubble the tank when the tank receives a debuff that looks like a fist. Tank, pop a cooldown immediately after he channels whatever ability he uses. But if you're a full ranged group, and the healer just has to heal the tank and themselves, its very easy.

Gil. You can have the group hop up on the big cargo crate right next to where Gil spawns. Keep the tank separate and DPS him down and he can't get to the other team members very easily here. Melee just cheats in to hit him then out when the red circle pops. This is kind of like the pull on the Trando boss in FE.

Big Dog Thats what I call the dog boss in Athiss. Fun fact, if you are biochem and have the dog with you, save that dog for this fight. The added DPS from the dog is nice but what is really nice is that having the dog with you lets you activate your Heroic Moment and use your legacy abilities. Crap, now that I wrote that, its gonna get nerfed.

Anyway, play with mechanics. Try to figure out creative ways to approach pulls. Make use of LOS pulls a lot. Take the time before fights to go over mechanics with your group (not everyone has done every boss now, so dont assume everyone knows everything). Work on your gear through getting basics and grinding flashpoints and elite comms.

The new FP's are a lot of fun right now. Let's not ruin them because we're not up to the challenge. Its a chance to develop your skills as a player, which is important if you want to get into operations. Sorry about the wall of text.
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