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Taris Empire Side Boss:

I wrote this up after not being able to find a thing and winging it with a group of 16 ppl.

Boss Name: The Ancient One
Location: Taris (-800, -700)
Type: Lvl 38 World Boss Worm.

Ops Comp: Downed with 16 lvl 32-37s, 4 main spec heals, 2 tanks.

Fight Positioning:
1. MT picks up boss and turns him away from raid.
2. Raid spreads out (~5 m), Melee at back/sides.

1. A targeted AoE attack that freezes the target. Move out of the area ASAP, causes periodic damage.
2. A frontal attack that will knock back anyone in front of the boss except MT.
3. A cast-time, frontal knockdown. Quick cast, might be interruptable. This wasn't a problem when no one but the MT was standing in front of the boss.
4. ADDS will spawn periodically, easy pick up, low dmg, just AoE em down.

Very forgiving fight. Dont stand in **** on the ground. Pick up and kill adds. Dont stand in front of the boss. We were able to get this group together and one shot it despite a rushed start due to server maintenance. Easy Epics.

Also I believe most worl dbosses are now tuned to 8 ppl of equal level to the boss.
Incorrect. Most are tuned for 14-16 of appropriate level. We tried "The First" on DK with 16 players, about half being under leveled (14-15ish) and he enraged.
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