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04.18.2013 , 08:49 AM | #13
I enjoy both PvP and PvE in SWTOR. Here's the thing: PvP and PvE are two different types of challenges.

PvE is about learning mechanics to defeat a computer-controlled boss that acts in (generally) the same way every single time you fight him. For the most part, any player with reasonable intelligence can google a guide to a boss fight or simply learn it through trial and error, and master the mechanical portion of the fight. Literally the only thing that makes a boss fight challenging after the first few attempts is the gear check. If you bolster players in PvE, there's pretty much no reason to do a raid more than a couple of times. You beat it once or twice and you've mastered it. Nothing changes, so there's really no incentive to do it again aside from gear.

PvP, on the other hand, is an entirely different animal. The thrill in PvP is pitting your skills against another human opponent trying to outplay and out-think you. Other players can constantly change and adapt in ways that AI-controlled opponents simply can't. You can't learn PvP from a guide on the internet because no two PvP encounters or matches are going to go exactly the same way. Simply memorizing mechanics isn't enough; you have to actually adapt on tactically on the fly. Because of its ever-changing nature, PvP innately has more longevity and replayability than PvE, and doesn't need a gear grind to artificially inflate its lifetime. PvP has a higher skill ceiling, and that should be the emphasis, NOT gear. So yeah, leveling the playing field via bolster means that whoever wins a fight won because they're the better player, not because they spent more time grinding gear.