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Quote: Originally Posted by Moogleking View Post
Covered Escape:
The ability says it removes movement impairing effects, however, the ability is greyed out when I am rooted and I can't use it. Is this a bug?
I think the operative's roll doesn't let you roll when rooted, but this one is supposed to break roots and it isn't.
I was seeing this with the roots from warriors (leaps + marauder roots).
Thanks for the bug reports! As for the issue I have quoted, that is actually working as designed. The term "movement-impairing effects" refers to snares or slows, and you should notice that those effects are removed when you use Covered Escape. However, if you are rooted or immobilized, you won't be able to use Covered Escape - again that is as designed.

Though I do see how the phrasing used is quite confusing, because it seems quite logical that root or immobilization effects "impair" movement. So I'll try to get that phrasing changed before people start trying to stretch "movement-impairing effects" to cover stuns, sleeps, and heck...death also keeps you from moving.

As for the other issues reported in this thread, we are looking into them and attempting to get solid reproduction cases so that we can get them fixed.
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