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Looking at HP isn't a great indicator, but not a completely terrible one either.

Tanks mitigation have been severely cut back, and they now rely a lot more on focused heals and a large health pool... so when I see a level 55 tank, with 27k HP pop into a HM FP or Op in the GF, it typically means he is in 61/63s and likely has extremely low mitigation, so unless the healer(s) in the group is decently geared, it's going to be a struggle. I ran a HM Mando Raiders on my DPS Merc last night, with a fresh 55 Assassin with 27k HP, with a full 66/69 healer, and the tank was getting hit SO hard that in most pulls, in addition to my dps, i was doing between 350-550 HPS just to help the healer keep the tank alive. Translate that to TfB or S&V? And it might equal a non-starter.

On the flipside of that, your DPS/Heals at 24k? That is not too far off from what they will have in level 50 raiding gear just by hitting 55. The problem won't be their HP. It will be secondary stats. Critical/Surge/Accuracy take a HUGE hit leveling from 50 to 55. I know my Merc lost 10% (at least) both Crit and Surge in full Campaign/Dread Guard while leveling to 55, and my accuracy dropped about 4%. That is a MUCH bigger deal than how many hitpoints I have. Now, I still have my WH/DG relics, DG Chest, and a few random 61 enhancements in my build, but everything else is 66/69, (few of my 66's are blues, so don't be misled) and I have 29k HP (and I am using all Reflex armorings, and no letter mods), with 2,729 Aim.... But since I still have some old enhancements, my Accuracy is still 98%, my buffed Crit is just barely 25%, and my Surge is only 63.5%. So while my HP pool may make me appear to be "holy moley that guy is geared!" I still have a long way to go with itemization to get my secondary stats where I want them. It's even a bigger deal for healers. (I will use Sages as a comparison, because that is what i play.) As I am leveling my sage, watching especially my Crit go down, I am witnessing Healing Trance crit less and less. Which is huge, because it's one of the main staples of my healing rotation, and the crits on it proc my "free" Noble Sacrifice and the ability to instant-cast Salvation... so low crit on a healing sage/sorc is kind of a big deal, and that won't be something you see by looking at someone's HP.

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