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04.18.2013 , 07:45 AM | #19
While I don't think a nerf is necessary I do think fixing the INSANE lag is necessary. The lag in some of these during peak hours is so awful that I see nothing happening and then all of a sudden 6 of my attacks go off at once. It isn't my internet connection, I have no problems with other games, websites, streaming movies, etc.

My tank does seem to squish a lot, a problem that I noticed on the PTS. I always have my defensive cooldowns on cooldown but perhaps that is a result of being in all campaign/dread guard gear instead of the new higher level gear. It has been so long since I did a HM 50 on my tank in the dailies gear (what used to be lowest gear) but I remember feeling squishy then. My advice, give it some time and gear up.

Sidenote, I agree with the repair costs. After a KP run (no deaths at all) my repair bill was 30k. That seems excessive for never dying.