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04.18.2013 , 07:12 AM | #1168
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I think they should delete bolster for lvl55 wz and make a recruit gear free with abaout 1800 expertise or something like that with low stats and dont let ppl q up for wz under 1900 expertise so they must wear the standard pvp gear and players who are in pvp gear dont lose wzs anymore cuz they have bad teamates with 0 expertise who feeds the enemy's score on hypergate wz, its unfair i work so much on my pvp gear and a pve geared guy has almost the same stats or better than me, but i cant do hard operations in pvp gear. BW SHOULDNT LET PLAYERS Q UP FOR WZ IN PVE GEAR!!!
Uh, excuse me?

"I can't do hard operations in PvP gear" -- guess what? You can do SM operations through the groupfinder. You can ALSO do HM FPs.

If they remove bolster and stop PvE-geared people from queueing for WZs, they need to ban all players wearing a single piece of PvP gear from running ANY PvE content.

Ontop of that -- PvE gear is meant to be below PvP gear at all points. Once they fix this on Tuesday, it will be no different than giving out a free set of recruit gear -- without actually having the gear.