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04.18.2013 , 07:09 AM | #1167
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As others have said, please address the empty slots issue as well. Don't put in a fix for a problem you're finally acknowledging (pve being better than pvp gear) and then fail to address another big issue where people have to rip stuff out of their gear and have empty slots to get best stats.

I'm going to check these forums tuesday/wednesday, and if the system isn't fixed, and if it still punishes those who ground their gear out, I might finally pull the plug on this game.
Check out the dev tracker -- they've already addressed this issue. And if it hasn't been completely solved already, it will be on Tuesday.

They've stated, as an example, that empty relic slots were being given stats that were better than any in-game relics. And they've also stated they tuned down the amount of stats you gain from an empty slot.

Now, you're always better off having a piece of gear in a slot -- but not punshed too much for being too low a level to equip a piece in that slot.