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04.18.2013 , 07:03 AM | #13
Pugged yesterday Athis - it was my first 55 HM as a juggernaut tank. I'm fairly decent geared - with full 66 crafted gear (except one relic, that is still old PvP one), and defensive stats almost at recommended spreadshet (still missing about 80 defense from optimal rating). It was hard, but fun. There were no wipes, though few deaths happens. One because I didn't notice one droid behind pillar shooting at healer, 2nd when sin' dps at the big beast accidentally pressed his area taunt and third, when I failed at avoiding the fire at final boss (but healer managed to combat ress me before wipe )

But... it was challenging in a good meaning of that word. It requires party to communicate, mark CC, use lowering threat skills and some strategic thinking. No more rush/jump/steamroll, like with old stuff. It was not too hard, and anyone who has any experience, knows his class a bit, can do it easily. And we even had a healer in not full BH gear. It was not as brutal as first try of LI HM, but you got to think, you got to cooperate and you have to accept that when something goes wrong you will die.

I'd love to see more of such content. Even if I die and my repair bill skyrockets, I'm still lovin that challenge.