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you said, a bunch of stuff and cut up my post leaving parts out to try and make a point that you failed at.

I said don't be a d-bag and queue for a role that you aren't going to play when others actually are trying to play that role. I don't see that as some huge argument for you to forum warrior over. don't be a d-bag is a pretty simple request.

Mercs are the one class I see doing this more than anyone, anecdotal sure but anything anyone says on this forum is anecdotal.
not once did I complain about mercs being bad healers, I know you would have something to get your panties in a bunch about if I did.....but no matter how much you wish that were the case I pointed out multiple times it's mercs who are not healing. say it with me one more time, are not healing.
You're failing to see the point, we're making:
Change the thread title to "merc dps' stop queuing as healers" or even better "dps' stop queuing as healers"

I read you posts, but can't find them applying to my experience.
(I played as a tank a lot)
waiting for ...