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Yes, your point being?

That using your amassed lvl 50 PVP gear when doing PVP lvl 50-54 was complete unforseeable? That the developers had NO way of knowing that players would try to do that instead of taking some lvl 33 green PVE gear instead over their lvl 50 epics (which makes so much more sense, right)?

Bugs do happen and should be expected. But these are not bugs. Its knowingly releasing a obviously completely untestested version of the Bolster which messes with an entire part of the games content, which is simply reckless.

If you are entirely ok with this, well this is your choice.
My point is, that this specific issue was fixed just before 2.0 went Live. This had the unforseen side effect that the underperformance of WH/EWH became the most clear issue at hand.

When it comes to QA, what often happens is that one issue arises when another is solved, or the presence of one issue overshadows the presence of another and therefore makes that less visible.

What also happened a lot on PTS was people in their mains, just going for the 55 insta boost and Partisan gear gaining route to 'test' endgame PVP. The route towards that will be less tested in a PTS environment while it will be more tested in an actual Live environment. Therefore, the issue of the route to Partisan (which is where WH/EWH exists) was undertested because people were able to insta 55 for testing purposes.

And these are bugs, no matter what you claim it to be. Also, 2.0 had to have Bolster because no other way of having PVP with the current talents was tested. So yes, gearing is a bit skewed now, but having removed Bolster just before Live would have created an even more untested and therefore a lot more unbalanced situation than we have now.

Yes, there are silly situations like endgame PVE being better than endgame PVP. But the inbalance of these weird situations is not nearly as big as the inbalance in PVP in general was pre-2.0. There is no 60-80% power difference that can be gained through abusing the Bolster bugs. And because of that, it is already superior to pre-2.0 PVP.
And, as I pointed out a few times already, it are the same people that are now gaming the system for maximum efficiency as those that did the pre-2.0 system by using PVE gear in certain slots, or mixing WH and EWH mods to get that Expertise sweet spot but maximizing other stats. It's not like raiders suddenly all started playing PVP. And their advantages are now still smaller than they were 3 weeks ago.
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