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The Interface Editor allows you to edit your interface.

Go into the interface editor and click on the errant quickbar. It will change from green to yellow - once it's yellow, click and drag it to the place you want it to be. You can also change the scale of the quickbar (how big it is), how transparent it is (Alpha), how many skill slots it has and whether it's a bar or a box.

Here's a pic. (ugh, it auto-scaled down and now looks hideous. Still, I think you can see how it works.)

As to your second question, there may be bundles on the Cartel Market, but I haven't looked myself.
Okay, so I have to manually adjust everything myself to fit it in directly above my original quickbar. That sucks...but it's cool at the same time. For guys like me who aren't particularly savvy, it's a learning lesson but I can see how this new interface editor is awesome. I just wish they had no-brainer setups.

And yeah, I was looking for a bundle for it, doesn't look like there is one. No biggie!