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Okay, this is really confusing. I figured out how to enable a horizontal quickbar. (When I went into the interface editing, I found the bar and clicked on it, then clicked 'enabled'.

Problem is, it's floating in the middle of my screen rather than directly above my first quickbar. (As I recall, when you hit the '+' sign, it would automatically add a new quickbar and adjust everything to make it fit/look nice.)

I'm clearly not doing something correct here...this is horribly confusing.
The Interface Editor allows you to edit your interface.

Go into the interface editor and click on the errant quickbar. It will change from green to yellow - once it's yellow, click and drag it to the place you want it to be. You can also change the scale of the quickbar (how big it is), how transparent it is (Alpha), how many skill slots it has and whether it's a bar or a box.

Here's a pic. (ugh, it auto-scaled down and now looks hideous. Still, I think you can see how it works.)

As to your second question, there may be bundles on the Cartel Market, but I haven't looked myself.