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Well thanks for doing this,just wish it was thought about properly before the reduction as myself and others lost a heck of a lot of comms..I am not asking for them back but things like this please please do more research when doing this kind of change,it makes you as a company look good and looking after us your customer's and saves face when like this your back peddling to appease everyone.

Anyway good job

Before you do any, any changes to the game, how about asking community bout it?

Seriously does no one from development team actually play the game? Sorry, i may be wrong, but sometimes it just feels this way.

Why all the developer struggle for nothing and then have to deal with consequences and raging community - in the end anyway altering their decisions and spending time & credits.

I'm an engineer myself and i know you never gonna get everything right even with all the methods of brainstorming and all experiences you have.

There's hundreds of people out there on the internet having amazing ideas and i know its impossible to keep track of all of them. But in this case making community working for you could be a good idea. By my opinion there's not much missing to make this system work for BW so they could get purified, filtered ideas to the developers, same goes for the feedback about intended changes. Now making this happen is guess part of BW way of managing their staff but if I would be in charge i'd definitely try to gather information and feedback, then filter the ''bul**hit'' and deliver more realistic picture to the development and decision making stuff - this is mandatory if you don't want to make decisions with undesired consequences.

Regarding changes to the game:
Expanding communication outside business world to the actual users on a proper way could be challenging.
At my opinion BW should have a hand picked individuals, guilds,... that would be able to communicate with BW stuff directly, giving them feedback, and iím sure many folks would gladly cooperate - yes for free more people involved - more knowledge - better product.

Now i'm afraid that lack of communication with professional staff and customers is something that many shrewd individuals overcame a long ago with projects where developers and customers cooperate on a whole another level.