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Lol. 61s are plenty for SM TFB and SM S&V.

Itemised 63s can clear HM TFB and the first six bosses of HM S&V.
The thread is more for expectations of everyday PuG's rather than what experienced raiders can do, for example on olok with the droids while 2k DPS is achievable in itemized 61's can you really expect just every BH geared PuG to be hitting the 2k required (in story mode) to clear the droids off each line in a minute (going by the 500k a line rule) in just black hole?

I think it's asking too much to accept people two tiers under the recommended gear level (156) when forming a group, problem is we are probably used to seeing people over 20K HP in the raid frame and thinking they are geared enough for any content however now on 2.0 I'm thinking 20K HP is the new "15K HP" if you get my drift?
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!