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No the devs are just lazy... that, or they severely underestimate the importance of look-customization for a player in an mmorpg. Either way they've got their priorities screwed up, hence the on going issues with hoods and masks. They should know that its cosmetic issues like this that made a surprisingly large numbers of people unsubbed especially the casual MMO/starwars/kotor fans. After all who wants to play a character they're not happy with or play with a companion they don't like the look of?

They talk about Immersion being important... They've not done much to show us they really believe in that... What creates the immersion has a lot to do with how the game looks and how your character fits and feel within the universe. having a sith with no hood and mask doesn't feel like a sith and wearing a bikini over a catsuit is just down right an eye sore. looks like BioWare have forgotten or forsaken the basic roles of story telling which made they're other games great. They should know better...
yeah because we dress our female companions in skimpy outfits so we can feel immersed in the universe. Remember when the rebel alliance all wore sexy two piece dancer outfits on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back?

I seriously hope not having the exact look they wanted hasn't been a common reason for people unsubbing. Seems like one may have larger problems if that was the case.
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