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Fine. You should feel bad because your "enjoyment" comes with the following prices:

- Gear grinds make having alts impossible No it doesn't.
- Gear gap screws up game enjoyment for MOST (*) veteran players (when I kill someone I'd prefer to be able to say to myself: "HAH! I was better!" rather than "oh well, poor recruit-guy, never even had a chance with this gear") I wasn't aware you spoke for most veteran players, not that I disagree.
- Gear gap screws up game enjoyment for non-veteran players (whatever gave you the idea that new players have some holy obligation to join warzones and get facerolled by everyone for your personal enjoyment, until they can get gear?!) I have leveled up several 50s since I first started playing, and I started to go through the gear grind on my marauder when everyone was in EWH and I was in recruit. It's doable
- Gear gap drives casual players away (and sorry, but I don't see why just because Mr. X happens to have a life and Mr. Y doesn't, why should Mr. Y get advantage over Mr. X. Mr. Y should be more skilled anyway, from all the time he spends in the game, and if he's not then he deserves to get ganked) and casual players are what keeps every MMO profitable for the company So people who go through the gear grind suddenly don't have lives now?
- Most normal people would prefer matches to be won based on SKILL of the participants, not based on how much time they spend in game Time in game is often equivalent to skill in the fact that someone who PvPs more is likely to be more SKILLED, gear or not. This isn't 100% fact, though!

(*) Of course there are those veteran players who just keep playing a lot... and don't have ANY skill to show for it. Take away their gear advantage and they're going to get pooned by pretty much everyone, hence the QQ about naked warzones.
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