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Main site:
Individual Brackets: /imperialclassname (eg /sniper)

Schedule: all times are PDT (GMT -7)
5:00PM: Gunslinger/Sniper, Vanguard/Powertech
6:00PM: Sage/Sorceror, Commando/Mercenary
7:00PM: Scoundrel/Operative and Shadow/Assassin
8:30PM: Sentinel/Marauder and Guardian/Juggernaut (may last until 10 or 11PM PST)

A few procedural things

- There will only be one AC dueling at once. The reason the schedule is split in this way is to enable betting. See below for more betting information. Here is an example: 5 o' clock, the sniper tournament starts. We proceed until we reach the final four. At that point, betting begins, and we pause while starting the powertech tournament. When the powertech tournament reaches the final 4, betting will begin there, and we will conclude the sniper tournament. Then we will finish the powertech tournament. Payouts will then be made before the sage tournament begins.

- The tournaments will start on time to the best of our abilities. If a member is late to the tournament start (see above times), we will play as many matches as possible until they are ready. If they still are not ready at that time, they forfeit. Melyn and Urdnought will announce in general chat both the current round and the next round. If, one minute after a round is supposed to start, a participant is not within the dueling area, they will forfeit the match at the discretion of the warden.

- Duels will proceed in the following manner: Both participants will stand behind the pillars in the dueling arena. A warden will ask the participants whether they are ready, and from that time, the duel has started and there is no going back. Do not say you are ready unless you are sure that you are! Once both participants are ready, the warden will count down in /say chat from 5 and the duel will commence.

- Duels will not be interrupted or redone for any reason. If a participant breaks a rule, they will automatically lose. This is unfortunate, but must be in place due to questions of fairness. The final say, as always, lies with the wardens. (Because of this, it is highly encouraged that warrior disable auto-target closest enemy, so they do not accidentally leap out of the arena.)

- Betting: we reserve the right to change the way betting works until the start of the tournament. The following information is subject to change. I will wrap it in spoiler tags since it is fairly long.

We reserve the right to change this information as things come to our attention. If you do not agree with the rules of the tournament, you can discuss it with Melyn and Urdnought privately or feel free to give your thoughts in the discussion thread. This thread is merely for information and signups. If, come the day of the tournament, you do not agree with the rules, please do not participate.