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This is where we strongly disagree. The reward you want is to be able to annoy/drive away players. You are explicitly asking for an advantage strong enough to overcome skill, to the point that no starting player has any hope of defeating you in 1-on-1 battle.

I find that silly and harmful to the PvP player base. I also feel that it cheapens PvP and gives players in high-level PvP armor a bad reputation as people who grind for the explicit purpose of gaining an advantage that will let them appear to be skilled.
Ok so you are delighted that PVPers lost their rewards for their time spent in game. What do you think should replace it? You specifically want to claw back any advancement a PVPer might make, back to starting level because hey, it makes you feel better. Why is your time in game more valuable than mine? There shouldn't be huge gear level advantages I agree, but these changes have gone too far. They didn't just remove the carrot, they removed the whole damn vegetable garden. They castrated PVP gear and put training wheels on PVE gear, plus allowed the PVE gear's higher budget stats to carry over into PVP. And so far I'm not seeing any reward for the PVPers. Just a whole lot of taking away, and nothing to strive for in PVP anymore.
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