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I don't think we disagree that gear should give you some advantage. At that point it is just a discussion of quantity. You and I may disagree on how much of an advantage should come with better gear. That is merely just our opinions, and there isn't much discussion warranted on that subject.
Agreed. You want a greater advantage based on gear. I want a lesser advantage. Either of them are opinions. My only minor disagreement here is that there may be some discussion warranted based on the simple lesson that I, a reasonable good PvP player who gets a lot of enjoyment from PvP, was driven away by the level of advantage that you want. Conversely: You are annoyed by the level of advantage that I want, because ... it doesn't make you feel as cool, and it may eventually cause you to stop playing PvP. Either way: it's a potential player lost.

The minor discussion could be simply trying to gauge how many players are like you and how many are like me. I don't know the numbers and I won't put down a guess here, but its something that the community and Bioware could/should take interest in.

Quote: Originally Posted by BalphoWan View Post
The point is that I worked long and hard to get my gear. I also worked long and hard to develop whatever PVP skills I have. And I think that the time and effort i put into getting those skills and gear warrant reward.
This is where we strongly disagree. The reward you want is to be able to annoy/drive away players. You are explicitly asking for an advantage strong enough to overcome skill, to the point that no starting player has any hope of defeating you in 1-on-1 battle.

I find that silly and harmful to the PvP player base. I also feel that it cheapens PvP and gives players in high-level PvP armor a bad reputation as people who grind for the explicit purpose of gaining an advantage that will let them appear to be skilled.