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I know health points aren't a clear indicator on how well a player is geared but when you're putting together PuG ops, looking at the raid frame can give you a clue on whether someone is massively undergeared for the op. For example before 2.0 the gear requirement for TFB SM was columi, now I'm not going to be a gear snob and require everyone to of had BH but if I seen someone who joined the group with 15k HP I'd know that they would probably be worth removing unless they were getting another alt or changing gear.

Now for 2.0 the bar has been raised higher but how high?

Here's what I think are the minimums before you start asking questions/inspecting players gear:

DPS/Healers: 24K HP

Tanks: 29K HP

I believe if you got less than that amount of hp then you probably still wearing a lot of black hole which doesn't quite cut it for the new ops.

Anyone think that's too tight?
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