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Actually, it's about time that Expertise was eliminated in the Open World altogether. Players wearing PvP gear totally overwhelming PvE players in the Open World environment who are doing PvE missions should never have been allowed in the first place.

Expertise should only work in WarZones. In the Open World, it should be a balanced playing field so everyone has a chance to enjoy the combat versus PvPers descending for a giggling gank-fest on players performing PvE quests in what is, basically, the PvE environment.

There should be PvP in the Open World - that has proven fun when appropriately geared players clash. Expertise gives a gravely unfair advantage (especially when much of the Open World PvP is exp-geared PvPers ganking players 10 - 20 levels below them).
So you are proposing that endgame PvP gear gets the same stats as endgame PvE gear then - or are you saying "It's about time PvE'rs gets an advantage over PvPers in...PvP"?
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