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04.17.2013 , 04:00 PM | #49
Query: I wonder how many of these identical posts there are?

Statement: Too many to count. It seems to me master, that these meatbags who are complaining about pve gear being better than pvp gear need to gain some skill.

Statement: I also am noticing a significant increase in complaints coming from those who have been weened off of killing fresh 50's in recruit gear. It seems their aggression has been lifted off of the casual green user to the maker that is Bioware.

Incredulous statement: Logically this was the maker's intent as they are better at shielding passive aggression more efficiently than a user in greens who only plays 30 minutes a cycle.

Query: Tell me more master about how gear makes up for elite user's lack of skill or determination?

-HK's POV on the 2.0 expertise debacle