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The pve gear with ridicously better stats then the pvp gear loses out on expertise so full 69/72 won't be as viable as the pvp gear..
This is very important and something many are missing out on.

The bolster change was designed so that they did not have to hand out Recruit gear, and then pass down partisan to recruit when the new PvP gear comes out later. It is great idea that also solved issues below the level cap. And even though i understand i like the attempt it is a more complicated then having free recruit gear for those who reach 55.

However there is a problem in this system and it has to do with the a lack of gear inflation from 50 -55.

Right now PvE players who got full dread guard before the expansion are pretty much able to go right into hard mode content, pretty much skipping over the 69's and going right to the 72's. There is pretty much no gating on the PvE at the moment. This means that those who are getting the 72's even with the decreased expertise have an advantage at the moment because most people are not even close to conqueror. You can't go straight to conqueror even if you had full augmented EWH. You have to get Partisan and then trade in those shells to get Conqueror. 72 PvE will be worse then conqueror but 72 PvE is slightly better then partisan. If the PvE had some gating, such that the player had to get quality level 55 PvE gear before they could do hard mode PvE, then the issue wouldn't be a big deal. PvE players would be inclined to get Partisan and actually use it.