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04.17.2013 , 03:54 PM | #8
Hearing about the PvP that actually sounds really, really awesome. Now I am that much more excited about picking it up again.

Also, I wasn't trying to sound "gimme gimme" when I was asking about game-purchased perks. I hope I didn't come off that way. I'd throw my money at Bioware regardless. I was just curious, it wasn't going to sway my decision one way or another.

As for crafting, I hope that it finds its place. And it looks like I am gonna need to get this security key...but just to clarify, you have to have it on an android app or something to get the extra 100? Or by just owning one, you get the reward?

Other then that last question, thanks again you guys for responding and taking the time. I really do appreciate it and I cannot wait to get into the game.