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Oh, and I forgot to ask. So basically, subscribers get a monthly per diem of whatever the cash shop currency is? But there is no real perks to having bought the game?
Well, other than full access to every part of the game, the ability to post on the forums and converse with the developers who post here, free respeccing, unlimited credits (as in, no credit cap), a limit of 22 characters per server and an upper limit at around 350~... no.

The game went F2P after it was launched, so they decided to make F2P and Preferred restrictions, rather than giving more things to subscribers.

CC's per month is, I think, 200 with an extra 100 if you have the security key.

And crafting just hasn't found its place in the game - I don't think Bioware are quite sure what they want to do with it at the moment and the crafters are getting restless.

Edit: Oh yes, there's a new Bolster system in place at the moment. It brings your Expertise level up to Recruit gear if your Expertise is below Recruit level. Means you can PvP in PvE gear, but only to a certain point.