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First couple of months, so you quit in March?

Well, we've had a few Operations drop, but if you've picked up Makeb, the top at the moment are Terror From Beyond (Asation) and Scum & Villainy.

Class, changes, obviously. New UI interface system, you can change the placement of everything on the screen (the little + on your action bar).

There were retroactive CC's, but I believe you had to be subscribed at the time of announcement, so you may have missed out on that. Obviously, subscribers still get monthly CC's credited to their account.

Group Finder implemented for leveling Flashpoints, End-game Flashpoints and some Operations.

Colour matching for armour and adaptive armour, which is Light Armour by default, but if you put your class's mods in it, it becomes Light/Medium or Heavy, where applicable.

Um, social stuff... no RP updates, so no chairs or chat bubbles. Makeb has SGR content, but it's not much and we still don't know where that's going. Future of class stories is still rather undecided at the moment, we certainly haven't been told anything.

PvP is... well, madness at the moment. Crafters aren't too happy with the 2.0 changes and kinks.

I'd certainly say the game is more involved and more fun than it was at launch.

Oh, yes! Events! We should be seeing the Gree returning to Ilum soon and hopefully the Rakghoul outbreak back on Taris, those were fun.

I appreciate you taking the time to break that down for me. I'm pretty happy to be back in the swing of things (I can't quite recall when I actually stopped playing).

As for Crafters - well, I think crafting has always taken a backseat to looted gear and PvP equipment (unless things have changed). If they have, that'd be pretty exciting because I've always been a big crafter.

PvP was always pretty dumb with the "pvp stat" that I so despised. (I was one of the guys against it. What is it called...? Expertise or some such.)

Anyway, I never had the chance to finish up any storylines, so for me the biggest thing is the legacy system and the play through of each class' story arcs.

The UI changes sound awesome, 'bout time they caved in on that.

Thanks for the update! Waiting and waiting for the install/patch to finish.