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04.17.2013 , 02:43 PM | #1
I realize this probably belongs more in a general gameplay discussion, but I feel this tends to affect PvP more than other gameplay aspects.

In my opinion, the scoundrel/operative combat rolls need to have a cool down placed on them. Currently, in PvP, it's a bit ridiculous having these guys literally rolling all over the map in and out of range, from one objective to the next in ridiculously short times, the list goes on. How is it even fair to give them this sort of tool, when they already have some ridiculously high survivability in PvP? A healer op/scoundrel is nearly unkillable less the entire enemy team focuses on them. Solo I've held off 4 people with my scoundrel just spamming my emergency medpack, hovering around 30% and I just stay up.

"Well, not everybody plays the healer spec." While that's definitely true, it certainly doesn't seem to detract from the survivability and general annoyance these classes can cause, more so now with their spammable roll. Kiting them is essentially impossible, because even if you slow them, they're still capable of cleansing it and literally rolling up to you to DPS you. If you manage to get them focused, they can still cloak out and go recover somewhere before coming back in.

I think there should be at least a 5 second cool down on this ability to prevent it's "abuse". Hell, if a gunslinger/sniper has a 20 second CD on theirs, I see no reason a small cool down shouldn't be placed on Operatives/Scoundrels. A good scoundrel/operative might die once or twice, a great one will be unkillable.

As I stated before, before the QQers take hold of this topic, I play a scoundrel healer and can agree that this ability is a bit much with no CD.