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04.17.2013 , 01:55 PM | #8
Im pretty sure pvp players are making the comparison to show bw/ea how stupid bolster is right now.

As a pve player who pvps as well, I cant say that I blame them.

When they show up to a raid in partisan and I show up in Black market, they get no break. If the guild isnt willing to drag them through, they likely arent getting picked and are being told "get better gear".

Yet now when I show up to pvp with my pve gear, Im being given a free bonus that I did not earn. I paid my dues in pvp previously, I got my gear. Now its all useless. They removed the expertise. Imagine if they had removed the stats from dreadguard, rakata pieces and said "At 55 everyone is even again." PVE players who spent time augmenting, spent time getting top end gear, would go berserk, and rightfully so.

I think most pvp players understand that an expansion results in their gear eventually becoming obsolete. I just cant recall any expansion where gear that was "elite" the day before became "completely worthless" the next.

So I hope that BW/EA goes back and rethinks this.